Our Mission is to create places, that encourages and inspire the positive, individual characteristics of our clients, day by day.


“We shape our buildings; thereafter, they shape us.

To unlock the human potential the spaces we create need to be in a way, that they hold us, like a kind of psychological mould, to a helpful vision of ourselves.
So the true and better part of our selves is raised by high quality facilities and art day by day.
I think it’s often irresponsible how people expose themselves – and their kids – without any thinking to the wasteland of run-down rooms, in which our optimism and sense of purpose are liable to drain away, like water from a punctured container.
This humans may start to forget, that they ever had ambitions or reasons to feel spirited and hopeful.
In psychological and physical sense, a well-planned and designed environment is therefore not a luxury, but a vital decision to guarantee every individual a permanent access to his personal life potential.”


Sala Nehring comes from an old German noble family, whose root can be traced back to the year 1411. As a designer Sala Nehring is in a tradition with Eileen Gray and Andrée Putman, whose aesthetic genius, she is preserving and further developing. Until her appointment as Managing Director for Architecture and Design for INDOOR Architecture in 2007, Sala Nehring worked as executive senior designer in interior design since 1996 and created in particular interior solutions for residential customers in the premium segment. Previously, from 1992 to 1995 Sala Nehring was engaged as manager in the advertising industry and specialized herself in the business-field of Market- and Motivation Research in the market of furniture and art. Sala Nehring studied art history and law at the University of Vienna.

As speaker and discussant on interior design and art topics Mrs. Sala Nehring regularly comments publicly current issues. Sala Nehring is member of the independent jury of experts for the awarding of the International INDOOR Architecture Prize.

In private Sala Nehring is a warm-hearted old-school lady and philanthropist, who courageously advocates for people in need.


Her excellent judgment regarding interior design and high quality aesthetics was placed in the cradle of Sala Nehring by her family. Her ancestor Johann Arnold Nehring, created key buildings in Berlin and Brandenburg as chief architect in the Electorate of Brandenburg. Among other buildings he designed Schloss Charlottenburg, where the central block is still known today as Nehringbau. Today Schloss Charlottenburg is an iconic symbol of Berlin. It was also Nehring’s influence that created the Gendarmenmarkt, which is now considered the most beautiful site in Berlin. Nehring was senior architectural director for Brandenburg. He worked on Schloss Oranienburg (1690–94), the bridge Lange Brücke in Berlin (1692–95), the Hetzgarten in 1693, and the Parochialkirche and part of the Zeughaus in 1695. The architect was also honored by having a street near Charlottenburg Palace named after him.

Sala Nehring’s love for fabrics and design is rooted in her youth, which was characterized by the family environment of Boenike textile factories of her grandparents in Luckenwalde near Berlin. Those had specialized in cooperation with British textile factories in designing and manufacturing high quality fabrics for the international market. Later they moved to Vienna, where they quickly became one of the first families of the Viennese society and enthusiastic lovers and collectors of the works of Josef Hoffman and the Wiener Werkstaette. The central conviction of the Wiener Werkstaette, namely to produce only objects of extraordinary originality and beauty, was practiced by the lifestyle of her influential surrounding and became therefore an important personality characteristic of the Managing Director for Architecture & Design, Mrs. Sala Nehring.

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