From small private bathrooms to the luxurious spa temples.

Our Spa Architecture & Design is connected with the new passion of the bathing culture of Asia, Europe and America. Both in the tourist sector and the private sector the bathroom finally finds the appreciation it deserves. Creating these rooms the desire for peace and silence is above all.

The bathroom is no longer just a space for itself, but a sensual lifestyle.

As a place of purification, it is experienced with all senses, ritual area and resting place at the same time.

Who needs to travel, if he has its own spa at home and its pool area?
Spa baths are the trend of our time and are rightly more and more devotees who value it above all to enjoy in the privacy of regular soothing water treatments.

Because they are more affordable, more and more people think in detail about the design of a new bathroom, consider an extension of the pool area or patio and want hot tubs, saltwater pools, sophisticated saunas for their health.

Through the use of original materials and the surprising combination at the interface of a solid and liquid element often unexpected design possibilities of poetry and elegance results.

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Wellness Principles

These most ubiquitous wellness principles are supported by the idea that life is dependent on a subtle form of energy.

This energy, which has been described by many different healing traditions as “life energy”, “vital force”, “prana”, “chi” or “Qi”, is said to flow along defined pathways and support the functioning of living systems.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has developed a sophisticated framework for conceptualizing this energy which is seen as encompass the concept of ‘flow’ and to move according to the dynamic interplay of the opposite yet complementary forces of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’.
In this view, pain, and disease are said to result when the energetic flow is disrupted and healing is aimed at restoring the natural balance and flow.

Architectural Property Upgrade and Interior Design Expert Practice Services & Product Sale - London, UK
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