The rolling hills, farmhouses and vineyards – the enchanting landscape of northern Italy have aroused a surge of interest in Tuscan interior design. Terracotta tiles of the roofs, fields of lavender, sunflowers, towering cypress trees draw the landscape of Tuscany.

Tuscan Mediterranean Interior Design Style Expert Service & Tuscan Furniture Sale by INDOOR Architecture London UK

With our Tuscan Interior Design Style, this magic of Tuscany can be added to your property by using special colors, materials and finishes, creating a particularly cozy, warm and friendly living atmosphere with a high degree of refinement.

Murals, frescoes, and pottery decorate Tuscan homes of yesterday and today.
Influences can be seen from the ancient Etruscan culture to the Renaissance period of the Middle Ages.

Other characteristic features of Tuscany interior design include wrought iron accents, tile mosaics, and rustic florals.

Wall surfaces in Tuscan homes are usually plaster or stucco with handcrafted, decorative finishes.
Popular wall treatments include glazing, color washing, lime washing, and hand troweled textures.

Classically designed plaster moldings add definition and sophistication to Tuscany interior design. This trim work is sometimes accented with gold leaf or finished very simply.

Dark wooden beams are standard features of a traditional Tuscan ceiling. They create a rustic contrast with the smooth, light-color plaster walls.

Ceiling medallions are a nice addition above light fixtures or just to dress up a plain ceiling area.
Painted designs such as clouds or angels are frequently used to decorate ceilings in foyers and dining rooms.

Colors taken from the Tuscan landscape make up the typical interior color scheme.
Soft lavender evokes the fields of lavender grown for the perfume industry there.

Sunflower yellow, deep red, and bright orange come from the sun-filled days.

The deep azure blue comes from the pure blue sky.

White, ranging from pure white to slightly yellow, linen white reflects the dazzling sunlight shining through the windows.

Gentle green mirrors the rolling, grassy meadows.

Tuscan color palette

In Tuscan color palettes hues of deep sky blue, celadon green, earthy brown, and clay red are dominant. Warm tones of yellow and rusty orange add intensity to wall finishes and painted accessories – wall decor is kept to a minimum with large statement pieces like tapestries, metal grilles, and decorated tiles.


Accessories in Tuscany interior design typically include ceramics, hand-painted plates, and Murano glass art. Flooring materials tend to be tiles made from ceramics or terracotta, wide wooden planks, travertine, terrazzo, or marble with decorative inlays.

Tuscan Mediterranean Interior Design Style Expert Service & Tuscan Furniture Sale by INDOOR Architecture London UK


Furniture in Tuscany interior design can range from sturdy pieces with time-worn finishes to richly finished wooden and upholstered pieces. Embellishments like nail head trim, gold leaf, tile accents, metal hardware, and mosaic inlays enhance the interest of these furniture pieces.

Tuscan fabrics seen on upholstery, bedding, and window treatments include texture-rich linens, lush damasks or brocades, and luxurious velvets or silks.

Tuscan Kitchens

Tuscan style kitchens feature metal pot racks full of copper vessels and utensils. Practical Tuscan kitchen accessories like potted herbs, olive oil bottles, and ceramic canisters are functional as well as beautiful. Terracotta urns or Tuscan pottery can be displayed as convenient utensil holders or serve as added decoration. Woven baskets are another handy accessory to have in the kitchen due to their usefulness and rich texture.

No Tuscan kitchen would be complete without bottles of Italian wine which can be used for cooking or entertaining.

Dress up dining tables or breakfast nooks with placemats or table runners made from woven straw or decorative fabrics like chenille or tapestry.

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