As real estate purchaser and investor you are interested in undervalued properties?

In a hidden beauty, that can be brought to the top with limited costs and efforts ?

Or you have found a property that has not met all of your expectations ?

You want to know whether you can upgrade this certain object to all of your needs, without exceeding your budget ?

In this case, the real estate scouts of INDOOR Ξ Architecture are the right partners.
We are experts in proven instruments of prime real estate rating and we use them to your benefit.

The knowledge of effective design management and interior design, the continuous observation of many prime property markets, the knowledge of characteristics of successful property upgrades – all this sharpens the view to develop innovative ideas and new profit potentials for real estates.

This comes together with experience of implementing these ideas at reasonable costs.

Real Estate Property Scouting & Property Rating Services to better buy and sell by INDOOR Architecture, London UK, Bordeaux France

Carefully discussed wishlist and must-haves

Initially a thorough recording of your wishlist and must-haves is discussed. In this stage of the process for INDOOR Ξ Architecture it is a question of learning as much as possible about your needs, preferences and expectations to your new home, as well as about your psychology of taste.

Attention will be paid not only to your current situation, but – as far as could be predicted – also to all your needs and requirements for the new home in the different ways and stages of your future life.

Every property declares the owner´s image to the society, with a register other than words – with the language of architecture, objects, styles and cultural design-elements.

For this reason INDOOR Ξ Architecture does not only consider the practical dimension – to increase the usability of the property – but also the individual aesthetic dimension – to emphasize your  subjective sense of beauty and personal ideals – and the symbolic dimension – to increase the expressive power of your new property.

The carefully considered statement of the property extends on one side from the property to the owner and your family and on the other side from your family to the society.

The collaborative preparation of your weighted specification-list, is a professional effort that will really pay off for you. For our clients the effort of these necessary requirements analysis and profile definition is required just once. As soon as the specialists of INDOOR Ξ Architecture have understood your exact profile of requirements, you need not worry about the rest in no way.

Real Estate Property Scouting & Property Rating Services to better buy and sell by INDOOR Architecture, London UK, Bordeaux France

Turn your market-radar on

As soon as our scouts have tracked down a possible object for you, it is analyzed according to your requirements.
The property gets a neutral rating by our independent experts for you in advance.
Only the best projects will be presented to you.

Thus the savings in time and trouble for you are huge.

Individualized property rating

  • You want to quickly gain an overview of the qualities and potentials of an offered property – without elaborating of all possible details ?
  • You want concrete solutions and proposed actions, that can be considered and already implemented in the next phase ?
  • You want that the property rating will be carried out by independent experts within a reasonable time- and cost-frame ?

Using this rating, the strengths and weaknesses of the current status and possible approaches of improvement for achieving the desired future status are identified. Special care is taken to ensure an optimum of useful results with very limited expenses, without having to engage into time-consuming details.

This low-cost procedure provides a quick overview whether and how concrete improvements will really pay off in the particular case. Those statements provide valuable hints, which can be examined in a deepened property upgrade process if required, or investigated in detail in the course of a specific interior design mandate.

The Prime Property Rating provides the following benefits

  • Quick overview of the effectiveness and suitability of possible architectural services
  • Uncovering of the most important weaknesses
  • Examination of new or already known solution approaches by a neutral expert body
  • Constitute the basis for further cooperation starting from accorded views and a common knowledge base

Total Secrecy & Security

For persons of public interest it is an additionial advantage that our clients have never personally come into appearance,  nor their name would be mentioned, throughout the entire procedure.

Outstanding performance and client´s satisfaction is no fortune, but the result of our profound groundwork.

Real Estate Property Scouting & Property Rating Services to better buy and sell by INDOOR Architecture, London UK, Bordeaux France
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