INDOOR + Architecture - Japanese Interior Solution: DREAM TREE

INDOOR Ξ Architecture – Japanese Interior Solution: DREAM TREE

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Initial Situation:

Because of possible insights from the neighborhood, the existing bedroom was mostly darkened and uninviting.

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After an analysis of all possible lines of sight from the outside in, it was possible to detect absolute private places and to replace parts of the wall by glass.

To strengthen the desired nature-intensive experience, also the ceiling was partly opened to overcome the usual separation of nature and living room and to integrate a natural island directly into the room.

An integrated island of nature and light with a living tree, grass, water and a gravel bottom as a central element of space was created to open the possibilities of real natural living sense and to experience the seasons, the wind and the rain even while sleeping.

With floor to ceiling blinds of light embedded in the ceiling, the desired mood can be adapted exactly during the day.

To support the contemplative, nature-loving, warm sense of the room the floor and the head section of the bed are made of honey-colored natural wood and designed in visually reduced forms.

The indirect lighting on the side and the top of the beds head section is supporting the incomparable, peaceful feeling of sleeping outdoors under a tree.

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Initial Situation:

Solution: ”    ” by FORBELI Home, London

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INDOOR Ξ Architecture - Japanese Interior Solution: DREAM TREE


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