INDOOR Ξ Architecture is creating spaces to offer the discerning traveller an unforgettable stay…

Hotel Resort Tourism Interior Design Expert Service & Furniture Sale by INDOOR Architecture. London UK

Far from mass tourism and all-inclusive packages.

Good hotel owners are like stage directors .

They let stage a piece of cultured live and savoir vivre – with more or less complex scenes, drama and bel canto. For good interior design is art – at a time consume gets ever faster and more superficial.

Luxury is no Luxury.

Luxury unsurprisingly, suggest a certain element of dreaming. However, it is interesting to note that the original term came from Latin and meant “twisted”. It was only in the 17th century that the word acquired its current connotation of extravagance, exclusivity, as well as excessiveness and opulence.

In earlier eras, expressions of luxury usually took the form of residences or church buildings. Today, the focus has shifted somewhat. Yet even luxury items not carved from stone, such as luxury yachts or luxury kitchen and luxury interior architecture, clearly demonstrate what is possible in terms of technology and design. Even though these items are not absolute necessities, they are still intellectual proof of the “state of the art” in their respective time of creation. Along this vein, luxury interiors are also valuable indicators of the achievements of which some individuals are capable.

The word Luxury is connected with an expected behaviour with regard to its extraordinary, unique, unforgettable and exclusive nature; that is, everything that -at the highest level—contradicts schematisation of any kind.

As such, the spatial components serve only as the scaffolding upon which the various activities, encounters and mutual perceptions take place, the frame for a picture, a dream of sorts, in whose midst the guest experiences.

A stage, yes. But the surroundings are not to be seen as a stage set! 

The opposite is expected : 

Authenticity, a fine distillate of the environment quality and location-specific lifestyle

INDOOR Ξ Architecture takes the performance specifications for a smoothly functioning luxury hotel and implements them in such a way, that the relationship to the location, its materials, colours and formats can be recognized as identifying parameters and achieved with the highest level of craftsmanship and design.

Hotel Resort Tourism Interior Design Expert Service & Furniture Sale by INDOOR Architecture. London UK

People can decompress here, renew their strength, experience fascination.

In this regard our well designed interiors for hotels and resorts are accommodations of the most comfortable kind.

Hotel Resort Tourism Interior Design Expert Service & Furniture Sale by INDOOR Architecture. London UK
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