Is it a question of function, of comfort, of creating a space that represents our lifestyle, design choices and own personal tastes ?
Or is it simply just about being outdoors – catching the breeze, watching the sun set, listening to the evening quiet – and letting nature soothe our souls ? We believe it is all these things.

INDOOR Ξ Architecture is about to create rooms – both inside and outside – that inspire and makes you want to be just there.


How about … a bed on the roof … a bathtub on the balcony … a banquet table for 60 persons on the rooftop terrace and the children can play outside whenever they want.

Healthy and naturally in harmony with nature, surrounded by plants and scents that you may know only from vacation.

Glass Architecture, Wintergarden Glass Architecture & Wintergardens Architectural Expert Service and Product Sale by INDOOR Architecture, London UK

Nature is our best teacher.

Our body is surrounded by an active protective cover – the skin. The skin regulates the climate inside the body and is an important metabolic organ.

This unique concept also offers the INDOOR+Architecturse’s solution: The Paradise Shell

The main building is surrounded by a light-filled glass skin – similar to a palm house, which creates an ideal living environment inside. Weather conditions such as rain, frost and snow have almost no effect. Also, noise from outside penetrates only very subdued in your area.

The Rooms can also be illuminated by ceiling openings directly from above. Paradise Shell offers unprecedented opportunities to create a habitation fpr you and your guests for living and working from scratch.

The advantage is especially the fact that even in more northern latitudes, a life in natural Mediterranean environment with a maximum degree of relaxation and recreation in your own rooms are possible.

The central part of the Paradise-Shell is an oasis, which supports the daily regeneration. Surrounded by Mediterranean plants, you can spend the whole year “outside” and thus significantly increase the effective living space. The flourish vegetation has a positive stimulating effect on both body and soul.

Glass Architecture, Wintergarden Glass Architecture & Wintergardens Architectural Expert Service and Product Sale by INDOOR Architecture, London UK

Future-proof energy plan:

You directly catch the light and sun, so they can be used for yourself and your building. With a simple but sophisticated housing technology, that is energy efficient and forward looking.  Through the use of solar energy the entire building is heated solar by maximum extent possible.

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