Cross-Cultural, Multicultural Ethno World Interior Design Style Expert Service & Furniture Sale Products by INDOOR Architecture London UK

The aim is to reflect personal views.

For us, this is often to describe our love for different regions and peoples. Travel is the great luxury of our generation. This gift of travel gives us the opportunity to experience for ourself miracles that have produced very different cultures.

We have fallen in love with many things for example

            Japanese handicrafts

            Moorish wood carvings

            Indian Stone Processing

If we can not resist a product, it is because of the culture it has bearded.

While many designers like to say something new, let us also speak of something old.

Of this namely to capture the atmosphere of an old country and seal it in a room. It is a tribute to the many generations of different countries, who have left us a wonderful and creative heritage.

In the world of INDOOR+Architecture, there are plenty of considerations when it comes to needs such as style, elegance and comfort.

But the most important element is often the need of modern people for mental relaxation. When we enter through the front door, we want to forget the eternal everyday routine with all the stress and want turn to our family like on holiday.

Just as we leave our worries behind us making a journey – when we add new cities and landscapes, colours and crafts, people and provinces to our mind – we also want that similar feeling of relaxation in the short term safe haven of our home.

This is the heart of CROSS-CULTURAL INTERIOR DESIGN by INDOOR Architecture.

We achieve this by using the human competence of association. These may be saturated colours that remind us of a special place, a translucent ceramic, a magnificent fabric, an expressive pattern or something as simple as the surface of bast, silk or gloss lacquer.

The many opportunities for interior design provide opportunities for associative distractions, opportunities to connect to another culture, another time or another place.

This may be the easy enthusiasm for shades, tints or surface materials, such as in the pale green glazed pottery from Thailand or Morocco zelliges-tiles with their traditional pattern of a Maghreb Hammam, one of the magnificently tiled baths.

Perhaps it is also something grander, more sensual: intensely coloured lacquer trays and jewellery boxes made from Japan. INDOOR Cross-Cultural Design uses everything that appears to be useful even on the formal principles of modern homes.

Cross-Cultural, Multicultural Ethno World Interior Design Style Expert Service & Furniture Sale Products by INDOOR Architecture London UK

For example Japan lessons in symmetry and orderly way of life or of the airy dwellings of Indonesia suggesting an idea how open spaces, terraces and porches can be used. Or Indian ideas about light and color, or from the lofts in Manhattan, the concept of large, overlapping areas.

Of course, this whole idea of the creative influence of foreign designs and craftsmanship is nothing new. Since 16th century, as regular trade links between Europe and the Far East emerged, there is a fascination by the crafts and skills of the farthest parts of the globe.
The interest was directed to textiles, porcelain and lacquerworks. Since the 17th century the fine skills of Japanese and Chinese crafts have a strong influence on the living culture of wealthy Europeans. Chinoiserie, lacquer painting and fine silk fabrics were even then – as now – in fashion.

One downside of the globalized world is that the cultural differences begin to blur. A common culture based on international media and global brands has the useful effect of bringing harmony and all-round understanding. But it certainly makes the world less diverse and interesting.

Cross-Cultural, Multicultural Ethno World Interior Design Style Expert Service & Furniture Sale Products by INDOOR Architecture London UK
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