Art Deco Interiors achieve a wild, elegant lifestyle full of self-conscious force, carried by the sparkling creativity of jazz and enthusiasm for speed and streamlining.

Since the “Roaring Twenties” Art Deco absorbed the graphic evidence of Picasso and the Cubism in a creative and intellectual way.

The aim is a living space refined by art.

Art Deco Interior Design Style Expert Service & Art Deco Furniture Saly by INDOOR Architecture London UK

Art Deco Interiors create an atmosphere of unabashed luxury and lifestyle.

Art Deco Interiors by INDOOR Ξ Architecture offer an impressive stage for self-confident people, to give positive daily inspiration especially to creatives and intellectuals.

To the radical designers of the Bauhaus the idea of decoration for its own sake was a taboo.
Elitist French designers created art déco after the First World War for all clients that wouldn’t be happy with the spartan Bauhaus minimalism.

Inspired by the new artistic insights of modern art in Paris its geometry is the clearest hallmark of original Art Deco.
The strong expression is largely derived from modern art and Cubism. Everything from flowers to the human form became angular. Shapes became bolder and simpler as geometry took over.

Art Deco Interior Design Style Expert Service & Art Deco Furniture Saly by INDOOR Architecture London UK

It represents the geometric stylization of naturalistic forms, with a degree of abstraction and streamlining thrown in as a natural consequence of this geometric paring down to essentials.
The goal is not the total abstraction or pure geometry, but decoration refined by art.
Art Deco absorbed the impact of the insights of modern art on a very creative and intellectual way.

This sparkling creativity combines Art Deco from its beginnings with the musical elements of jazz. Other important aspects of Art Deco are streamlining, elegant wildness and the sense of speed – the most worshiped feeling of Futurism.

The strong simple shapes of Art Deco lent themselves to clear primary colours and sharp colour contrasts. Red, black and silver is a typical colour combination, the red and black providing a background of geometric shapes and the silver acting as a separating highlight or defining ziggurats and other geometric motifs. As silver is such a popular colour, much use is made of chrome. On the whole the colour spectrum of Art Deco is a bright one, saved from garishness by supreme elegance.

In contrast to the established styles Art Deco is still ill defined. “Art Deco” is not a well-defined school, as the theory of the Bauhaus designer was, but was rather a society of the solemn, artistic response to minimalism.
Due to his great success the original concept of the “Art Deco” is abused over time, so that Art Deco is now partially misunderstood as middle-class style with a mix of kitsch and mass production.

Art Deco Interiors by INDOOR Ξ Architecture, however, represent the artistic spirit of the original Art Deco.

Art Deco Interior Design Style Expert Service & Art Deco Furniture Saly by INDOOR Architecture London UK
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