Our Mission is to create places, that encourages and inspire the positive, individual characteristics of our clients, day by day.


“The most important influence to the quality of a project is the basic work done and the quality of the design alternatives developed on that basis.

Good employees always make a better job than expected. All others only cause difficulties for the project. Therefore, we make every effort to employ only the best for each task and to keep them in our project teams.”

The Technical Managing Director George Wagner, a crisis-tested engineer, finds the best way to implement the artistic ideas of the creative department in the given time and cost frame. He guarantees both, the precise compliance with the prescribed design objectives and the enforcement of the agreed budgets and completion dates.

In his function as Head of Design Management Department, Managing Director Wagner guarantees, due to his many years of experience, that the great potential for success of all implemented design measures is being fully utilized to achieve increase in value of the property or to achieve the sales and marketing objectives of our clients.

As our Senior Developer Director Wagner is searching and buying for our investment partners somewhat outdated or run down premium real estates, whose resale value can be increased above-average by making use of a Property Upgrade.

Until his appointment as Technical Managing Director of INDOOR Architecture in 2007, George Wagner has been the Managing Director of a Swiss furniture manufacturer and internationally a consultant for design management since 1989. In 1994 he had specialized as a managing director in the interior design industry, initially in the area of high-end, custom made kitchen and bathroom facilities.

Director Wagner has received numerous awards and publishes regularly articles on topics of design management and interior design.

After graduating as a civil engineer, in the first instance he worked as structural engineer and construction manager. As executive construction manager the customary marketed architectural standard solutions often could not meet his high standards. Subsequently he started to develop improved design solutions and applications, in cooperation with the manufacturing industry. As a result George Wagner was assigned to take executive managerial tasks in marketing management, product development and design management for Swiss and German furniture manufacturers.

He studied sales and marketing management at the Swiss University of St. Gallen, followed by a training in strategic management at the Management Zentrum St. Gallen, Prof. Malik and general management training in Switzerland.

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